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    Hon. Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang Minister of Petroleum Republic of South Sudan, has paid a visit to Egypt on Monday 6th August 2019, he was invited by Hon. Terek El Molla the Minister of Petroleum and Mining for Egypt. Hon. Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang Minister of Petroleum lead the delegation to Egypt accompanied by Hon. Mayen Wol Jong the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Petroleum and Hon Advisor Mohamed Lino Benjamin. The two Ministers have met yesterday and discussed how to strengthen their bilateral relations between the two countries.
    The two Ministers have discussed fruitfully and exchanged their experiences on oil sector and how they can work together hand in hand for better results for both Nations, they also discussed how to develop the Gas industry in both Countries.


    Hon.Awow Daniel Chuang met with the Governor of Northern Liech State Joesph Monytuil Weijang accompanied by the state minister of Northern Liech State Malual Tap in his office yesterday. They discussed many issues within the state amongst them is building Vocational training centers in areas where oil is being produced, the percentage of the state finance that the community are entitled to and scholarships for the young youth that are willing to study in the oil field.


    The Minister of Petroleum, Honorable Engineer Awow Daniel Chuang, led a delegation to the Paloch oil fields in Northern Upper Nile State. The delegation included Governor of Northern Upper Nile State, Thon Beny Thon, Members of Parliament from Northern Upper Nile State, and representatives from the Ministry of Petroleum and Dar Petroleum Operating Company. The delegation visited operation sites in Paloch and met with community leaders from Melut and Adar. The Minister stressed the importance of increasing production and efficiency and reiterated his commitment to community development in the oil producing Northern Upper Nile State.

    25/ August /2019.

    A Press Conference took place on Friday 23th August 2019, at the Ministry Petroleum led by Hon.Eng.Awow Daniel Chuang, other guest that attended the Press Conference were the JOC companies and representatives from The Ministry of Petroleum. The agenda for the Press Conference was to officially discuss the discovery of the new oil field in Adar located in Upper Nile State. This discovery was made by Dar Petroleum Operating Company, this discovery contains 37 Million barrels and 20 percent of that Is recoverable. “As of now we are exited within the few coming weeks, exploration will be taken as a priority.”said the Minister. The current focus of the Ministry of Petroleum is increasing oil production to stimulate economic development and growth in the Republic of South Sudan.